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Dreamstate 2022

11.18.2022  |  Nos Center  |  San Bernadino, CA

Client: Insomniac Events

Created in 2015, Dreamstate carries the mantle for all forms of trance music—from deep progressive to psytrance and all BPMs in between—and aspires to create an experience as vivid and diverse as the genre it was inspired by.

Since 2015, VJCLA has been a trusted provider of animations, branded content, and visual operations for Dreamstate festivals throughout the world.

For Dreamstate SoCal 2022 VJCLA provided custom stage content for two stages at the event: The Vision and The Sequence.

Stage Visual Operators: VJCLA's Brent Bucci (The Seqeunce), VJCLA's Alec Birdman (The Vision)

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